Sunday, October 2, 2022
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This one will need a little bit of context because the name Project X carries a tiny bit of history here. Back in 2018 we got a look at a tactical shooter MMO called Project X, which was being built for SpatialOS and developed by UK studio Automaton Games; the shooter later changed its name to Mavericks: Proving Grounds and the studio crumbled into bankruptcy in 2019, marking the end of development.

That takes us to this new game being tentatively titled Project X, and if you click that link you’ll find a complete tonal shift from that previous title’s history: It’s a social sandbox MMO from Finnish dev studio Dazzle Rocks that’s all about players coming together to hang out, gather resources, and build their own adorable dream homes.

“Already on the islands there’s a lot you’re able to do using basic harvesting, building and play tools to create your own dream home and begin impacting the world around you. As development progresses, we hope to enable even deeper experiences around building and creating fun interactive or beautiful spaces for you to live, hang-out and play in. Imagine mini-games, obstacle courses, and other fun experiences that you can build yourself.”

Project X is being designed for mobile first according to the studio’s Reddit post, with eyes on a release for Android and Apple devices. A reply to that same Reddit thread notes the business model of the game hasn’t been decided yet but plans to be “largely free to play in general.” Project X is currently in a private beta that interested players can sign up for on the website, and the game further has an official Discord and a slowly developing subreddit.

source: Reddit

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